Lokhust Heavy Destroyer

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This kit makes a Lokhust Heavy Destroyer. Snap-in construction means you don't need any glue to build it, and the set comes with your choice of heads and deadly weapons. It comes in 33 plastic components and comes with a 60mm round base.

Lokhust Destroyers are Necrons fused with floating chassis that serve as heavy weapon platforms. Essentially a modified Immortal, Deathmark or Lychguard who gave up their physical form in pursuit of destruction, these deranged agents of annihilation see their sole existence as quenching the flames of life. A destroyer cares not for fidelity lines, considering all forms of organic life as its prey.

Lokhust Destroyers are members of the Destroyer Cult, known for their fury and favor in destroying the enemy from afar.

Lokhust Heavy Destroyers are larger, more powerful versions of standard Necron Destroyers. They differ primarily in that the power-generating spine is much more pronounced, giving the construct tremendous power for its heavier weapons. Operating in squads of one to three, they are also equipped with special aiming mechanisms that allow them to hit the weakest point of any enemy they face. As swift as the Necron Destroyer, they can maneuver and open fire in moments.

The upper limbs of Lokhust Heavy Destroyers are bound in Gauss Destructors or Enmitic Exterminators capable of annihilating the enemy from afar.

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Gutes Modell
5 from 5

Schnell und einfach zusammen gebaut und in der aktuellen Edition (10. mit Index pre Codex) auch sehr effizient. ????

Marvin K., 21.10.2023 Verified purchase
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