Living Soulstones

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Malifaux models stand tall at the revered 32mm 'heroic' scale, each meticulously crafted from high-quality plastic. Representing the epitome of craftsmanship and detail, these miniatures breathe life into the tabletop battles of Malifaux.

Hailing from the enigmatic Arcanists faction, these models bear the Keyword: Witness, denoting their pivotal role in the unfolding Saga of intrigue and conflict. This set includes:

  • Lohith: A formidable presence on the battlefield, Lohith commands mystical energies with mastery and finesse, serving as a beacon of arcane power for the Arcanists.

  • Soulstone Gamin x3: These ethereal constructs, imbued with the essence of soulstones, serve as loyal guardians and formidable allies in the Arcanists' quest for dominance.

While these miniatures promise to be invaluable assets in your battles, it's important to note that they will require some preparation and assembly before they can take their rightful place on the tabletop. However, the effort invested in assembling these models will be rewarded with a stunning display of craftsmanship and detail, adding depth and excitement to your games of Malifaux.


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