Light Horses

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Say farewell to the cumbersome blob of plastic beneath your horse's head with our ingeniously designed separate rein system! These meticulously crafted horse models offer unparalleled versatility, ideal for depicting equines across a myriad of historical eras, fantastical realms, and even beyond the confines of conventional imagination.

Each sprue comprises six horse halves, four heads, three tails, and four reins, meticulously labeled to indicate matching sides and head/rein combinations. With four distinct heads at your disposal, coupled with the flexibility of tail positioning, you'll unlock a wealth of unique pose possibilities.

Embrace boundless creativity as you breathe life into your tabletop battles, campaigns, and adventures with our meticulously detailed horse models. Harness their versatility to shape the narrative of your gaming experiences and venture into realms where the boundaries of imagination are but distant Horizons.

Box set includes:

  • 18 horses. These are the same horses used in the Afghan Cavalry and Mounted Serjeants sets.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.


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