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A Liege-Kavalos is a warrior monarch of the Ossiarch Bonereapers, who act as cavalry commanders. Consisting of a composite soul created from heroes who in life and death inspired loyalty and devotion in masses of followers, the liege lords' command over their subjects is absolute and absolute. Every Liège-Kavalos has the simple duty of hunting down those who escape the fateful Tithe of the Ossiarchs. While the destruction of a community can be accomplished in a single day of carnage when entire nations are involved, the true qualities of the Liège-Kavalos come to the fore. Each liege knows the abilities of Kavalos Deathriders better than anyone else, and will employ them in an intersecting series of attacks that will dismember the recalcitrant nation's military piece by piece.

Existing only to be weapons in the hands of their masters, they will ceaselessly work toward their goal without deviating from their assigned task or looking back for a moment. When commanded to obliterate an enemy, they will accomplish so on attack after attack, as long as members of the Mortisan Priesthood have been there to shore up the numbers of their armies at the end of each day until the enemy is obliterated, even if it takes decades .


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