Liber Astartes Kratos Heavy Assault Tank

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He served as a dedicated infantry support tank and his heavy cannon could quickly open a path through masses of enemies for any infantry that followed him. However, the Kratos became obsolete and was later decommissioned as legions began to favour faster, more versatile vehicles such as the ubiquitous Predator. However, some were kept in the reserve armoury of the legions. In particular, the Kratos tanks of the Blood Angels Legion were heavily used in the Battle of Signus Prime.

In terms of impact, the Kratos lies between the Sicaran and the Fellblade. The Kratos can be armed with the Kratos combat cannon, which can be loaded with high-explosive grenades to kill large numbers of enemy troops, with armor-piercing grenades to eliminate heavily armored threats, or with Flashburn grenades against massive enemy tanks. The Kratos can also be equipped with a Volkite Cardanelle or a Melta Blast-Gun. Additional weapons include a coaxial auto gun, hull-mounted heavy Bolter and Lascannon, Heavy Bolter or Volkite Culverin sponsors.


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