Legionary Artillery Tank: Cyclon Turret (1)

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Legionary Artillery Tank: Cyclon Turret

The Legionary Artillery Tank: Cyclon Turret set features a high-quality resin turret designed specifically for your Legionary Artillery Tank. This set includes one Cyclon Turret armed with two launcher options, providing versatility and firepower on the battlefield.

With the Legionary Artillery Tank: Cyclon Turret, you can customize your tank's loadout to suit your strategic needs. The set includes two different rocket design options, allowing you to choose the style that best fits your army's aesthetic.

The Cyclon Turret is expertly crafted and intricately detailed, adding a formidable presence to your Legionary Artillery Tank. Its imposing design and powerful weaponry make it a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop.

Each set contains the Cyclon Turret and a tank top plate, ensuring a seamless integration with your Legionary Artillery Tank model. The parts are made from high-quality resin, providing durability and ease of assembly.

Upgrade your Legionary Artillery Tank with the Cyclon Turret and unleash devastating firepower on your opponents. Whether you prefer precision strikes or overwhelming barrages, this turret will make a formidable addition to your army.


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