Legionary APC turret: Twin Magma Cannon (1)

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Legionary APC Turret: Twin Magma Cannon (1)

The "Legionary APC Turret: Twin Magma Cannon" set includes one resin turret for the Legionary APC, armed with a twin magma cannon. Each set contains the turret and the top plate of the APC.

With this set, you can unleash the destructive power of twin magma cannons from your Legionary APC. The intense heat and molten magma projectiles fired by these cannons can melt through enemy armor and decimate infantry formations. It provides a devastating close-range firepower option for your APC, making it a formidable force on the battlefield.

The turret is designed to fit seamlessly onto the Legionary APC, providing a menacing appearance and enhancing its offensive capabilities. The twin magma cannons can be rotated and elevated, allowing for precise targeting and maximum impact.

Please note that the Legionary APC and other miniatures are not included in this set and are shown for illustrative purposes only.

The set includes a high-quality resin turret that is easy to assemble and paint. You can personalize the turret with your preferred color scheme and additional details to match your army's theme.

Equip your Legionary APC with the Legionary APC Turret: Twin Magma Cannon and unleash fiery devastation upon your enemies!


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