Latigo Reserves

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Step into the heart of loyalty and shared heritage with this captivating set, embodying the unity and strength of the Family keyword. These figures are bound by more than just blood – their unbreakable ties shape their strategies and interactions on the tabletop.

At the forefront of this ensemble are the Pistoleros de Latigo, skilled marksmen who embody the Guild's commitment to maintaining law and order. Their presence on the battlefield adds a sharp edge to your forces, allowing you to engage enemies from a distance with precision.

2 relentless Monster Hunters complete the set, representing the unwavering pursuit of justice that defines the Guild's Family forces. With their combat prowess and determination, these figures provide both raw power and a sense of unity to your forces.

United under the Family keyword, this ensemble captures the Guild's dedication to protecting its interests and maintaining unity in the face of adversity. Whether it's through precise marksmanship or the relentless pursuit of justice, these figures embody the Guild's unwavering resolve. Embrace the power of shared heritage, command with unity, and lead your Family forces with unwavering determination as you command this formidable faction to victory.


  • 3 Pistoleros de Latigo
  • 2 Monster Hunters


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