Late Roman Cataphracts

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The term Cataphract refers to a heavily armored cavalryman, clad head to toe in mail, scales, and plates, mounted on a fully armored horse. The scale armor, crafted from materials like metal, horn, bone, or hardened leather, often displayed vibrant colors such as red and green.

Horses were also outfitted with elaborate headpieces and mesh coverings to protect their faces and eyes. Emperor Trajan introduced the first regiments of Cataphractarii in the early 2nd Century, but it wasn't until the reign of Emperor Constantius II in the early to middle 4th Century that their numbers significantly increased, particularly due to conflicts with the Sassanid Persian empire, renowned for their Cataphracts and Clibanarii.

In combat, Cataphracts preferred a trot over a charge to conserve their energy, allowing for more precise engagement with their long lances, known as Kontos. These lances were deadly, capable of decapitating foes with a thrust or swipe. When the Kontos broke, Cataphracts would resort to swords or axes.

Infantry dreaded the Cataphract charge and had to form dense defensive formations to withstand their onslaught. These figures, featuring various head variants and horses in dynamic trotting poses adorned with crisp scale armor, offer a striking portrayal of Cataphracts, instilling fear in their adversaries on the Battlefield.


  • 16 x Riders and horses
  • 8 x Different horse head options. Separate tails to add a little more movement to the models.
  • 13 x head options for the riders.
  • 16 x axes to hang from the right of the saddle and 16 x swords in scabbards.
  • Draco standard bearer arm option.
  • The rider bodies are depicted in various armour styles including mail, lamellar and scales. The arms and legs are covered in flexible, tubular metal rings.
  • Each rider has two arm pose options. Either upright Kontos or Kontos at the Level.

Miniatures delivered unpainted, require assembly.


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