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Meet Lama'a, a Buto whose worth is beyond question, despite his relative inexperience. With a commanding presence and an aura of intimidation, Lama'a has earned his place among the ranks, even as eyebrows raise at his apprenticeship with the enigmatic Brother Zandaka within the esteemed Three Moons hierarchy of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate.

To the outside world, the dynamic between Lama'a and Brother Zandaka seems straightforward - Lama'a, the imposing figure, is perceived as the muscle, while Brother Zandaka assumes the role of the skilled negotiator. But beneath the surface lies a well-kept secret known only to the initiated - Lama'a is more than just the brawn; he is the master of misdirection, the cunning distraction that allows Brother Zandaka to wield his true threat.

Within the Syndicate, threat and distraction are art forms, and Lama'a has mastered them both. With his fearsome Sasumata and formidable Jumo training, he unleashes devastation upon his foes, leaving a trail of awe and fear in his wake. His ability to endure punishment rivals that of a rhino in the savage fighting pits of Jima, making him an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

As the enigma of Lama'a continues to intrigue, he becomes a living testament to the multifaceted nature of power and influence within the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate. Don't be fooled by his apparent inexperience; within the shadows of his prowess lies a force to be reckoned with. With Lama'a at your side, you'll learn that sometimes, true strength lies in the art of subtlety and deception, as he masterfully guides the Syndicate toward its ultimate goals. So beware, for when the shadows dance, Lama'a and Brother Zandaka stand ready to unleash a symphony of power and intrigue that will leave their enemies trembling in their wake.

The Distraction Ki Feat is always welcome in Silvermoon Warbands and having access to it in Yokozuna’s Revenge is a great Advantage.


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