Lady Justice Core Box

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Step into the heart of Guild justice with this powerful set, embodying the authority and strength of the Marshal keyword. These figures unite to create a formidable force that upholds the law and delivers retribution on the tabletop.

Leading the charge is Lady Justice herself, a beacon of righteousness and determination. Her presence on the battlefield commands respect, and her abilities reflect her commitment to delivering swift and just punishment to wrongdoers.

A symbol of balance and impartiality, the Scales of Justice figure brings a unique aura to the set. With the ability to manipulate fate and control the ebb and flow of battle, this character adds an element of strategic depth to your gameplay.

A figure of unwavering conviction and authority, The Judge exemplifies the Marshal keyword. With abilities that reinforce control and order, this character serves as a powerful asset on the field, ensuring that justice is meted out decisively.

Completing the set are three Death Marshals, epitomizing the relentless pursuit of justice. Armed with a combination of investigative skills and combat prowess, these figures provide both utility and firepower to your forces.

United under the Marshal keyword, this ensemble embodies the Guild's commitment to upholding the law and maintaining order. Whether it's through the swift strike of Lady Justice, the balanced influence of the Scales of Justice, or the authoritative presence of The Judge, this force represents the Guild's ironclad resolve. Embrace the power of justice, deliver retribution, and lead with unwavering conviction as you command this formidable force to victory.


  • Lady Justice
  • Scales of Justice
  • The Judge
  • 3 Death Marshals


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