Lady Annika the Thirsting Blade

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Lady Annika the Thirsting Blade

One of the undead nobles fighting for control of Ulfenkarn, the ghostly creature known as Lady Annika is a Vyrkos like no other. Not for them the fury and cunning of the wolf; Instead, her curse manifests as the endless thirst of the blood-sucking bat. Though she wanders the Ebon Citadel, lamenting the endless passage of years and the lack of decent seamstresses, this is but a mask Annika adopts to hide her true, hideous nature. In reality, their chambers are filled with corpses that have been uncleanly bled and dismembered to feed the vampire's voracious metabolism.

Annika's thirst for blood runs deep - grim irony, for as Ulfenkarn's mistress of ceremonies she was known for her precise appetite - and the hunger pangs would set in as soon as she had sated them. This explains their insane focus on killing enemies as quickly as possible to feast on their precious secretions; It's even been said of other vyrkos that she ingests flasks of blood colored with the quicksilver realmstone known as chamonite, which boosts her reflexes without paying attention to any transforming side effects. From her lair in the Screaming Spiers, a collection of sinister towers built on the flanks of the Ebon Citadel, Annika commands her minions to kidnap Ulfenkarn's people on a grand scale to satiate their hunger.

Armed with the Blade Proboscian, an enchanted rapier capable of sucking the blood out of an enemy with a scratch, Annika engages in the thickest of fights without a break. Here, the image of the elegant aristocrat is dropped entirely, replaced by a screeching monster who cares about nothing but the jet of hot vitae on his lips.


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