Kurdoss Valentian

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Kurdoss Valentin

Kurdoss Valentian's terrible presence is heralded by mournful trumpets and grim proclamations of his basest deeds. The Craven King sits still and motionless on his floating throne until he approaches the enemy, and then he wields the Sepulchral Scepter to deadly effect, mercilessly killing all his Queen commands. Nagash needed a suitable lieutenant to serve his newly crowned Mortarch of Grief. Kurdoss Valentian proved a particularly apt choice—the king provided Lady Olynder with a fearsome bodyguard and a tactical advisor, and their cold engagement cruelly pleased Nagash.

In life, Kurdoss had a ruthless desire to rule, and many of his evil deeds to claim power, including assassinating allies, betraying entire armies, and murdering his own brothers. Just as Kurdoss picked up his last sibling's fallen crown, Nagash claimed his soul. Unlike his brothers, Kurdoss did not worship Nagash, having instead chosen the god-king Sigmar as his patron - reason enough to incur the wrath of the Great Necromancer.

Even as a specter in the spirit world, Kurdos' relentless ambition made him rise. Nagash was impressed by the ingenuity and martial arts of the Craven King, but it was not his wish for Kurdoss to claim dominion over an underworld nation. The Great Necromancer kidnapped Kurdoss from the kingdom of the afterlife, which he usurped for his own, and instead granted him a touch of Alakanash, the Staff of Power. In doing so, Nagash bestowed upon Kurdoss great power, but also an accompanying curse.

Nagash ensured Kurdoss's ultimate dream of rulership in name was realized, for he was betrothed to Lady Olynder, destined to always follow her lead. In fact, Kurdoss grew to be little more than a strongman - a bitter joke to be so close to everything he wanted and yet so far away. Kurdoss bears several symbols of his new office, including the throne he aspired to sit on in life. He also wields the Sepulchral Scepter - a weapon that in Kurdoss' hands can split rocks or crack open a Gargant's skull.

Kurdoss does not speak a word while floating on his throne. Only when he wants to strike the enemy does he deign to abandon his despondent attitude. The same cannot be said for his ghostly companions. These are the spirits of two that Kurdoss betrayed and ousted on his bloody road to Commander-in-Chief. Now the Heralds are destined to serve him eternally and herald his many triumphs. However, they reap with cruel joy his slanderous titles—Usurper, False Lord, and Craven King—and brag about the many unworthy deeds that marked his quest for power.

Once powerful and imperious, Kurdoss Valentian's curse prevents him from speaking more than a whisper - gone are his days of booming orders and taking orders. When he is circumspect, he shares tactical advice gleaned from his many victories on the battlefield, but when he tries to say more, nothing but the dust of eternity comes out of his mouth. An aura of bitterness emanates from Kurdoss, so powerful that she can suffocate enemy captains and generals even as they try to issue their own orders, the words sinking and dying on her trembling lips.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble Kurdoss Valentian, the Coward King. Sitting still and motionless on his cracked, crumbling throne, Kurdoss is a hunched, hunched figure that nonetheless exudes an aura of pure menace, with his sinister, three-pronged crown completely enclosing his face in a skull-like mask. One hand clutches the arm of his throne while the other holds the Sepulchral Scepter - far from an ornate, jeweled ceremonial staff, this is a solid weapon destined to crack open the skulls of those who arouse Kurdoss's rage. Flanking him on either side are his accompanying Wraith Heralds, forever bound to him - one as a standard-bearer, the other with a trumpet. The twisted forms of tortured souls soar high above Kurdoss, and the entire miniature is supported by a swirling pillar of aetheric energy clinging to the base.

This kit comes as 19 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round base.


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