Frequently Asked Questions

In this area I will try to briefly explain frequently asked questions!

1. How does an order work? What do the delivery times depend on?

If products are in stock, they will be sent out immediately after the money has been received, so ideally on the same day, when paying with PayPal, etc.! However, since we cannot keep all of our products in stock in sufficient quantities to cover orders for two or more items, we are dependent on ordering them as needed!

We order GW articles once a week (usually on Mondays), we are only allowed to order once a week! It takes about a week for the goods to reach us after they have been ordered. Upon receipt of the goods, they will be packed in your parcel immediately. If the order is complete and payment has already been made, the package will be dispatched by DHL on the same day!

It can happen from time to time that items are not immediately available, have been taken out of the range or our supplier has simply failed to put your item in the package! In this case, we ask for your forbearance, as we work with almost 15,000 items in the webshop, unfortunately there may also be missing files or items with a long delivery time in between. But we are open to any solution, after all, it is also important to us to have satisfied customers;).

2. How can we support your tabletop store?

We are dependent on word of mouth in our beloved scene, so it would be great if you, if you liked our service, promote us! Tell your friends and groups of players about us. You can also write to us, we have logos for banners and forums on our server, which we are happy to provide!

3. Questions questions questions

Write us one email too much rather than too little, we will be happy to answer every little detail about your order. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to send out an email for every order in the event of delay. Therefore, if at one point it takes you too long, you have questions or something is unclear to you. Send us an email or give us a call :)

4. Retail store

You can also visit us in our shop to pick up the goods yourself or to play / paint a round. You can find us here:


Fritz-Thiele-Str. 22nd

28279 Bemen

5. Defective goods

Should you ever receive defective or incomplete goods, be it due to transport damage or packaging errors, do not be afraid to write us an email or call us directly. We will record the damage immediately and usually settle it immediately in your favor.

Subsequent shipping would of course be free of charge, even if we reclaim defective goods from you to check them, shipping is in any case free of charge for you.

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