Kriegsmarine U-Boats & MTB Sections

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Submarines: A long-range submersible, the Type IX was the most successful submarine of the war, with each ship sinking over 100,000 tons of shipping on average. A Type IX, U-107 made the most successful convoy mission of the war, with nearly 100,000 tons of shipping sunk off Freetown in Africa. The latest variants of this design were capable of ranges in excess of 23,000 miles, allowing them to roam widely in search of convoys, while their heavy load of torpedoes allowed them to keep up with a convoy night after night attack night.

MTBs: The R1-class R-Boot (from the German Räumboot, meaning minesweeper) was intended to be used as a shallow-water minesweeper, but became a multi-role craft as the war progressed. Its duties were expanded to include patrol, anti-submarine warfare, convoy escort, minelaying and rescue operations. Some classes of R-boats, like the R310, were fitted with torpedo tubes, although performance was very modest compared to craft designed specifically for that role.

The ultimate S-Boot, operational in significant numbers, was the S-100 class, produced from 1943 and considered the best fast patrol boat of its time. The S-100 class was nicknamed the Calotte because it featured a rounded armored bridge. It was powered by three Daimler-Benz engines, giving it a total output of around 7,500 hp and developing an excellent top speed of 48 knots.

box contains:

  • Type IX submarines x 3
  • S-100 S-Boot Sections x2
  • R-Boot Sections x2
  • ship cards


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