Krethusa’s Cronehost

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"Krethusa’s Cronehost" is a captivating Miniatures Box set that brings the enigmatic figure of Krethusa the Croneseer and her devout followers to the tabletop, offering players a unique and powerful force within the Age of Sigmar universe. Gifted with the power of prophecy at the cost of her material sight, Krethusa serves as a herald for the ancient aelven god Morai-Heg, whose essence was devoured by Slaanesh. Using her divine visions and mastery of shadowy magic, Krethusa guides those who have turned away from Morathi-Khaine, seeking a new path under her enigmatic leadership.

This set introduces Krethusa in stunning detail, capturing her blind seer’s wisdom and mystical prowess. Alongside her, the box includes five Doomfire Warlocks, dynamic miniatures that exude dark elegance and magical potency. Players have the flexibility to assemble these models as the swift and deadly Dark Riders, offering tactical versatility on the battlefield.

Additionally, the box contains 10 Sisters of Slaughter, fierce warriors poised with lethal grace. These miniatures can also be built as Witch Aelves, giving players the option to customize their forces with these relentless devotees of bloodshed and battle.

"Krethusa’s Cronehost" is not only a gateway to assembling an army of The Croneseer’s Pariahs, a new Army of Renown with specialized rules found in "Shadow of the Crone," but it also provides a narrative depth to the gameplay. This set is perfect for players looking to start or expand their collection with a force that embodies the intricate lore and dark beauty of the aelven factions, all while offering a strategic edge with its unique units and leadership. Embrace the path of the Croneseer and lead your followers to glory on the battlefields of the Mortal Realms.


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