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In the world of nezumi, it's a common practice for young members of their kind to engage in espionage, spying on various clans and organizations to glean valuable secrets. After all, who would take notice of a seemingly inconspicuous sewer rat watching them closely? Among these nezumi, Kozo stood out as a remarkable talent, honing her skills through relentless observation and scrutiny of the enigmatic Shadow Wind Clan. She dedicated herself to mastering their silent and covert ways, ultimately emerging as a highly prized assassin within her nezumi community.

Kozo's low rice cost makes her a formidable melee combatant, capable of engaging in close-quarters combat with ease. However, what truly sets her apart are her unique Ki Feats, which enable her to execute unconventional tactics that can catch opponents off guard. One such Ki Feat, "Endless Gnawing," allows her to repeatedly attack an enemy model without affording her opponent the opportunity to respond effectively. This relentless assault, combined with a diverse array of Traits and Unique Effects, makes Kozo an invaluable asset for aspiring Rat generals who seek to surprise their opponents with unorthodox and unpredictable strategies.

In the world of nezumi, where cunning and resourcefulness are prized above all else, Kozo's skills and abilities place her among the elite, ready to carry out covert missions and strike fear into the hearts of her adversaries.


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