Kosmoflot Expansion Pack Alpha

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The Kosmoflot Expansion Pack Alpha is a crucial addition to any Ariadna or Kosmoflot collection, offering a powerful set of miniatures that allow you to expand your options when creating an Army List. With the increasing threats to their presence on the moon of Tanit, Kosmoflot had to adapt their naval space force to be more versatile and effective in combat. This expansion pack provides just that.

The box includes three miniatures: one Paracommando with Spitfire, one Volkolak Missile Launcher, and one Armata Proyekt-4 Kosmosoldat with Autocannon. These powerful units offer a diverse range of offensive capabilities that can be customized to meet the needs of any situation. From the deadly accuracy of the Paracommando's Spitfire to the explosive force of the Volkolak Missile Launcher and the Autocannon's rapid fire, this expansion pack provides everything you need to take the fight to the enemy.

The Kosmoflot Expansion Pack Alpha is a testament to the adaptability and versatility of the Kosmoflot naval space force. In the face of increasing threats and attacks from Yuan Yuan pirates, they have evolved their tactics and equipment to meet the challenges of the battlefield. These miniatures are a reflection of that evolution, providing the firepower and tactical advantage necessary to achieve victory in even the most dire of situations.

So why wait? Expand your Ariadna or Kosmoflot collection and prepare to take on any threat with the Kosmoflot Expansion Pack Alpha. With these powerful miniatures by your side, victory is within reach.


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