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Bloodsisters are powerful warriors, used as bodyguards for High Priestesses or Bloodwreck Medusas, or as powerful vanguards for the War Circles. Each Bloodsister comes equipped with a Heartshard Glaive - a heavy polearm ideal for smashing through armor and ribs to slice out an opponent's heart. Blood Sisters can also channel the blackness of their corrupted souls into a swipe known as a "scath touch". The lightest touch from such a blow can turn the victim into twisting mists that solidify into an unmoving crystal statue, still terribly conscious. As sensualists, the Blood Sisters view an eternity of sensory deprivation as the worst possible fate, hence their delight in inflicting it on others. The ultimate in ferocity is when a Bloodsister thrusts her glaive fast enough to slice out an enemy's beating heart, even as the crushing touch turns them to crystal. Being forever trapped in a state of excruciating pain is just a small sample of the torments endured by the Melusai themselves.


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