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Step into a realm of boundless possibilities with Kodai's Embrace, the essential companion to The Void box set. If you haven't experienced the wonders of The Void yet, why not take the plunge? And once you do, Kodai becomes an indispensable addition to your arsenal. The best part? When Hishigata, your trusted ally, falls in battle, Kodai steps in to fill the void, completely free of charge!

Discover the allure of Kodai, a formidable melee combatant renowned for their precision and strength. With razor-sharp proficiency and unwavering might, Kodai strikes fear into the hearts of adversaries. But there's more to this enigmatic warrior than meets the eye. Unveiling a repertoire of supportive techniques, Kodai brings a wealth of strategic options to your gameplay.

Harness the power of Dark from Light, a captivating Ki Feat that safeguards your models from Opposed Ki Feats, while simultaneously rendering your enemies more vulnerable to your own Opposed Ki Feats. Unlock the true potential of Contemplate No Mind and The Void Stares Back, two exceptional feats that rank among the highest echelons of mastery. Ensuring the successful execution of these feats becomes paramount in banishing your foes to the very depths of the void.

However, it is in the realm of Kinshi that Kodai's true brilliance shines. Unleashing the full potential of the Void Counters, Kodai empowers you to amass even greater quantities of these coveted resources. As if that weren't enough, Kodai's mastery over camouflage and ability to manipulate void rifts grants you unparalleled control over the battlefield. For all Kinshi players, the acquisition of Kodai's Embrace is an absolute necessity.

Embrace the enigma, seize the shadows, and forge your destiny with Kodai's Embrace—a must-have for any adventurer brave enough to journey through the ever-shifting landscapes of The Void. Unleash the untapped potential that lies within and claim victory in the name of Darkness!


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