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Welcome to the twisted world of Malifaux, a haunting reflection of an alternate Earth in the tumultuous 1900s. Here, amidst the gothic horror, Victorian elegance, and steampunk marvels, the line between dream and nightmare blurs, and the spirit of the Wild West mingles with the macabre.

In these lawless lands, where the shadows teem with undead abominations and vengeful apparitions, the allure of Soulstones buried deep within the labyrinthine catacombs draws adventurers willing to risk life and limb for unimaginable power and wealth.

Malifaux Third Edition beckons players into a narrative-driven skirmish game, where rival factions vie for control over the towns, settlements, and sources of power that dot this treacherous landscape. Seamlessly integrating lore into gameplay mechanics, Malifaux delivers a captivating experience where every battle is part of a larger story.

Featuring a streamlined hiring system and updated rules that prioritize enjoyment, Malifaux offers strategic depth that keeps players engaged for years to come. It's a world where alliances shift like shadows and survival demands cunning as much as strength.

Among the factions that vie for dominance in Malifaux are the Arcanists—a clandestine branch of the Miners and Steamfitters Union. To outsiders, they may appear as anarchists and criminals, but to those who share their vision, the Arcanists represent the ambition of everyday working men and spellcasters to harness the wonders of magic.

Embracing the belief that humans should be free to explore the depths of arcane power, the Arcanists are capable of awe-inspiring feats that defy conventional understanding. In a world where danger lurks at every corner, the Arcanists stand as a beacon of defiance, daring to challenge the established order and shape their own destiny amidst the chaos of Malifaux.


  • 1x Arun Rajput
  • 2x Elemental Boxer

Miniatures is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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