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The Knight-Venator is a Sky Archer, a winged hunter that glides across the battlefield and rains death upon the enemies of Sigmar. With a screeching star eagle at his side, this celestial knight can appear from nowhere, aim quickly and bring down even the largest or most powerful foe.

Almost before a man can blink, a Knight-Venator can shoot and fire not one arrow but a whole salvo of shots. The fighter's actions are a blur—only faintly glowing contrails and the whirring hiss of arrows in flight indicate a shot was fired at all. That is, of course, until the missiles find their target. A Knight-Venator is not only incredibly quick when striking, but also deadly accurate. Armed with a Reichsjäger's bow, he can fire three arrows through a helmet's visor at long range before the target has time to raise a hand or shield in defense.

A Knight-Venator is a Stormcast Eternal Champion - a member of a Strike Chamber's support team. Each Knight-Venator is a deadly asset used to lead the prosecutor's entourage, or with individual quests to target specific enemy bosses or monsters. In the role of the hunter, these warriors are unsurpassed. They can rush into position and strike from afar, quickly firing a series of deadly salvos to hit their target. These quick shots can knock a Chaos Lord off his bestial mount or take the eye out of an attacking Cygor.

The arrows a Knight-Venator carries are magical in nature, as are the quivers they carry them in. Each quiver is crafted by the Six Forges and fills as fast as the shots can be fired. One missile is of particular note though - the Star-fated Arrow. Forged from comet-tipped steel, this three-blessed arrow is so powerful it takes many hours to rematerialize in the quiver. When fired, it leaves a bright, iridescent trail and strikes like lightning. Against powerful targets, the Star-fated Arrow slams into its target with additional force, allowing a single shot to bring down a formidable Aleguzzler Gargant or a mighty Lord of Plagues.

During training exercises, Knights-Venators scour the celestial space, launching from the Sigmarabulum surrounding the Shattered World. During these hunts, each Knight-Venator finds and bonds with the ferocious raptors known as the Star Eagles. These creatures hunt the Aetheric Clouds, their eyes are capable of seeing the ethereal and their claws are capable of tearing such creatures apart, tearing them into reality while tearing their flesh.


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