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A Knight Tyrant is the designation given by the Empire of Men to any Chaos Knight who was originally a Dominus Pattern Knight of any class. The Knights Tyrant are so massive, they tower above even the other Chaos Knights fighting alongside them. Walking bastions of corruption, these massive suits carry the heaviest weapon systems available to the Fallen Houses.

Their pilots delight in unleashing these weapons to their full devastating potential as they charge into battle. They often put themselves in danger on purpose, shaking off the enemy's deadliest weapons with insulting ease in order to achieve the perfect firing point. These fallen nobles are prone to transcendent arrogance and a delusion of invincibility, a result of the warp-driven spiritual bleeding between them and the corrupt machine-spirits of the suits they control.

Knights Tyrant pilots almost always merge with their steeds, either due to an obsessive desire to become the greatest and most destructive warrior on the battlefield, or simply because they have been overpowered and subsumed into the war by the beast within the war machine they ride . These mutant nobles become the fleshy brains at the core of every mutant war machine, just as the Knights' pulsating dual plasma cores become their thundering hearts.

battlefield role

In terms of ranged weapons, Knights Tyrant have a plethora of potential weapons: Volcano Lances and Plasma Decimators make short work of even the largest and most distant armored targets, while their demon-imbued Shieldbreaker Missiles leap through the warp itself to hit them squarely in midpoint every goal.

Conflagration Cannons spew garish warpflame, or plumes of plague-ridden, atomized acid that devastates the enemy at close range. Siegebreaker Cannons fire steady barrages to harass and wear down the enemy.

Meanwhile, these Knights Tyrant, armed with Thundercoil Harpoons, are capable of taking down even the largest war machine, monster, or fortress - the combination of a devastating initial impaling blast, followed by macrovolt blasts of propulsion power before ripping chunks from the hapless victims in the rewind the harpoon is as messy as it is effective.

Whether standing immobile on defense or relentlessly advancing, the Knights Tyrant are the true heavyweights of the Fallen Knight houses.


This multi-part plastic kit makes one Knight Tyrant, a titanic and versatile Lords of War choice for your Chaos Knights army - or a Wandering Dreadblade for other Chaos forces. This super-heavy walker can be armed with an explosive-unleashing Ectoplasm Decimator and an armor-melting Sulfur Volcano Lance, or an infantry-incinerating Darkflame Cannon and an armor-piercing Warpshock Harpoon - plus an array of armor-mounted Daemonbreath Melterguns, Desecrator Cannons and Gheiststrike Missiles. A fantastic paint project and centerpiece, the Knight Tyrant features a range of poses, faceplates and armor pieces that you can use to create a truly unique war machine. This kit can also be built as a Knight Valiant or Knight Castellan for Imperial Knights.

This kit comes as 172 plastic components, and is supplied with a Citadel 170mm Oval base. Also included is a Dominus heraldry transfer sheet for Imperial Knights ripe for corruption. This miniature comes unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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