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The knight errant is an Imperial Knight who is a mainstay of many houses of knights. Of the various types of Questoris-class Imperial Knights seen on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium, the Knight Errant is best known as a devastating close quarters killer – a tank destroyer exceptional. Many enemy vehicles were quickly melted into nothing more than sizzling heaps of molten slag by the thermal cannon hurled from beneath a knight-errant's mighty shoulder. Once an enemy is sighted, a Knight Errant will typically attempt to close the distance - firing hissing blasts from its thermal cannon while its long strides propel the walker rapidly forward. Thanks to their size, thick adamantium armor, and directional ion shield, Knights Errant have no hesitation in charging straight into the teeth of the enemy's most powerful weapons.

Knights Errant are best used as medium-to-close range aggressive attack platforms. Charge into battle as the vanguard, these war machines excel at hunting down enemy tanks, rogues, and monstrous beasts, especially amidst the intricate terrain of cityscapes, jungles, and the like. This is thanks in no small part to the terrifyingly destructive abilities of their traditional primary armaments: the thermal cannon and Reaper chainsword.

Once among his enemies, a lone knight-errant can take down an entire battalion of tanks, shooting and stabbing his way through enemy formations to leave only twisted ruins and blackened hulls in his wake. The Knight Bus's melee weapon - either a Reaper Chainsword or a Thunderstrike Gauntlet - is perhaps even deadlier. When powered by the Knight's powerful servomotors, each of these weapons can bring down even the most monstrous Xenos creature with a single blow. The Knight Errant's armored carapace has a Heavy Stubber fitted to mow down enemy infantry, and its armored feet are more than capable of crushing units under its massive weight.

This kit can also be assembled as a variety of other Questoris-class Imperial Knights - Crusader, Paladin, Galant, Preceptor, Warden or the named knight Canis Rex - as well as a Knight Despoiler for Chaos Knights. Any remaining weapons, faceplates, or accessories can be used as spares for your other Knight kits. The kit contains the parts necessary to assemble a exposed pilot who sits in the Knight's chassis and a pilot on foot.


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