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Kizoko is a unique and highly specialized Samurai, dedicated to defending the sacred Golden Dragon Shrine with all of their being. As one of the finest warriors in the Jwar Isles, Kizoko is not only a formidable combatant but also a devout practitioner of the Michi faith, instilling a deep sense of duty and purpose into their actions.

The Golden Dragon Shrine is shrouded in mystery, its true nature and the things it protects known only to the most high-ranking members of the Dragon Clan. The guardians of the shrine, including Kizoko, are willing to give their lives to protect it, as they believe that the fate of the Jwar Isles itself may be at stake.

Kizoko's unique abilities set them apart from other Samurai, enabling them to play a different role on the battlefield. While they can be substituted for other samurai and perform that role well, Kizoko's "Disturb Flow" ability offers new tactics and strategic options for the Prefecture forces. Additionally, with Virtue Tokens, Kizoko gains valuable abilities that can turn the tide of battle in the favor of the Dragon Clan.

Overall, Kizoko is a model that requires a nuanced and careful approach. As a guardian of the Golden Dragon Shrine, their dedication and devotion to their duty is unwavering, and their unique skills and abilities make them a valuable asset on the battlefield. Whether defending the Shrine or engaging in combat elsewhere, Kizoko's strategic value cannot be overstated, and they are a valuable addition to any Prefecture force.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile Card.


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