Kingdom of Bretonnia: Mounted Yeoman

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The noble horses of the Breton lords may be denied to the common peasants, but favored yeomen are allowed to go into battle on draught horses. These troops are often sent ahead of the main force as scouts and are responsible for informing their lords of the enemy's movements. It's a dangerous task that often doesn't bring much honor, which is why nobles like to assign it to peasants.

With this impressive set, you can create five metal Mounted Yeomen on magnificent plastic horses. These lightly armored, swift cavalrymen are skirmishers equipped with bows and spears, perfect for charging into the flanks of unprepared and ill-disciplined enemies and delivering devastating attacks.

The kit contains a total of 30 metal and plastic components and five slotted Citadel rectangular bases (25 mm x 50 mm) for the horses. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly.

We recommend using Citadel Colours to customize your Mounted Yeomen to your liking.


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