Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising

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In the mystical lands of Elaria, an Elemental Uprising threatens to engulf the once serene kingdom. In this fully co-operative board game, 1 to 4 valiant players will embark on an unforgettable journey, taking on the roles of asymmetrical heroes united in their quest to defend their realm against hordes of menacing monsters.

As the defenders of Elaria, players must strategically deploy towers to thwart the relentless waves of monster hordes. With cunning and precision, they'll utilize polyomino tiles to tactically cover the encroaching creatures until each horde is obliterated. For every victorious battle, precious crystals and gold are earned, which can be wisely invested in acquiring new towers or enhancing existing ones with Tower Modifications, adding new dimensions of power and customization.

These fearsome monsters come bearing unique abilities that demand clever planning and cooperation. To counter the challenge, players will find themselves passing towers between each other, positioning their attacks meticulously, and devising ingenious ways to bypass magic shields and monstrous powers. But the defenders will not be unchallenged, as the very elements of Elaria can disrupt their strategies with game-changing events, like raging volcanoes and unforgiving cyclones.

Embark on a thrilling campaign, progressing through a series of engaging scenarios that can be replayed for endless enjoyment. Unravel the epic tale through each chapter, leading up to monumental boss fights, heroic challenges, and other awe-inspiring feats. The fate of Elaria lies in the hands of its defenders.

Designed to welcome newcomers while satisfying the cravings of seasoned gamers, Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising combines simple-to-learn rules with a depth of tactical complexity that will keep players immersed for hours on end. Each scenario allows players to choose from varying difficulty levels, and the bravest among them can take on the dreaded Iron Challenges, where near-perfect strategies are a necessity to triumph.

Will you and your fellow heroes stand united against the Elemental Uprising? Gather your courage, hone your tactics, and embrace the ultimate tower-defense experience for the tabletop. Elaria awaits your valorous defense!


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