King Brodd

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Lead your army to victory with the High Priest of Behemat, King Brodd. One of the toughest beings in the Mortal Realms, he's capable of taking a beating and dishing it out. He can also support the rest of your army with three unique prayers.

This kit can also be used to build Kraken-eater, Gatebreaker and Warstomper Mega-Gargants - or the new Beast-smasher Mega-Gargant - each of which can be hired as a mercenary by a different Grand Alliance.

Brodd claims he crawled out of Titansmawr Abyss as an adult. Any giant belligerent enough to challenge his rule, usually the eldest, will have their brains smashed in spectacular displays of violence so that no one has questioned his rule. He seeks to gather his swamp-dwelling gargants in sufficient numbers to take revenge on the beastmen who tore down his father's temple and use their grounded bones as a mortar to rebuild the temple.

His crown is the skull of a gray dragon, which he killed with his bare hands. But its true symbol of rulership and weapon in time of war is a massive granite pillar that was once part of an ancient Behematian temple atop the Crania Gate, once overthrown by Cyclopean mutants and Beastmen.

With this kit you can build one King Brodd, the undisputed ruler of the Megagargantes. Towering over almost anything on the battlefield, this huge miniature is both a stunning ornament and a truly colossal painting project. King Broddd is littered with incredible detail, like the docile stalkers perched on his shoulder, the peeling bark of his giant wooden club, and the stolen crowns of mortal rulers worn as rings on his giant fingers. Adorned with a dragonskull helm and massive tusked shoulder pads, King Brodd dwarfs other megagargantes - a worthy heir to the might of Behemat. The kit also comes with tons of cosmetic parts that you can use to customize Brodd's huge themes.

This massive kit can alternatively be built as a variety of other Megagargantes:

  • Beastsmasher Megagargant - a mad monster hunter available to any power of destruction
  • Kraken Eater Megagargant - a voracious coastal predator available to any Force of Order or Destruction
  • Warstomper Megagargant – an experienced fighter fighter available to any Chaos or Destruction force
  • Gatebreaker Megagargant - a sinister garrisonbreaker available to any power of death or destruction


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