Killaboss on Corpse Rippa Vulcha

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Corpse-rippa Vulcha are a species of massive bird beast that live in the swamps of the Mortal Realms, where they are used as mounts by the Kruleboyz killabosses.

A Corpse-rippa Vulcha is a winged monstrosity with a beak strong enough to crush rocks and claws that can shred steel.

Despite their considerable strength, the vulchas are creatures of the swamp who rely on their cunning. They pluck a twisted tree and cut at its roots to kill the tree while keeping it upright. The vulcha then impales its prey on the branches, causing the corpses to become succulent with rot. This also acts as bait for other monsters as the vulcha silently circles overhead, and when a monster takes a bite out of the pantry, the vulcha lowers with a screech that's notable because it sounds similar to "Mine!". tearing the creature and its corpse into the pantry.

Kruleboyz have been known to take the risk of approaching corpse-rippa Vulchas pantries in order to poison the corpses. When the poisoned Vulcha thrashes in pain, a killabosse must leap onto the beast's neck and choke the beast into submission. Vulchas are excellent mounts for the killabosses, allowing them to fly over the fog of war and pounce on enemies in silence.

This 75 part plastic kit makes one Killa Boss on Leich'ngeia and is supplied with a Citadel 130mm Oval base. There are two options for the corpseia's head and the killabosse's weapon and helm. This model can alternatively be built as Gobsprakk, Mouth of the Mork, on his massive mount, Killabeak.


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