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Contents of the box:

96-page Kill Team Moroch Rules Guide: Take the fight to the corrupted world of Moroch, a key defensive point in the Nachmund Gauntlet, with background material on this fortress world and the forces at war over it. This guide also includes new rules, data cards, and background tables for the Phobo Strike Team and Blooded Kill Teams, as well as additional Killzone rules and Shadow Operations missions set on this war-torn planet.

23x Citadel Miniatures: Two full Task Force Task Forces, including miniatures available for the first time in this box, each with a wide range of customization and alternative mounting options. Additional components allow for deep personalization of your task force, and many models can be assembled as multiple different types of task forces.

Phobos Strike Team:

  • 10 Primaris Space Marines that can be built as Infiltrators or Incursors, with an additional sprue with upgrades and a mine marker – customize your kill team to complete your Mission
  • Additional components to build Specialists like Commsman, Helix Adept, Saboteur, Voxbreaker, Marksman, Minelayer and Veteran
  • Full transfer sheet with over 270 markings and emblems

Blooded Kill Team:

  • 12 blooded warriors to tear down the rotting edifice of the Empire.
    • 10 of these miniatures are available for the first time in this box set and are accompanied by a Traitor Enforcer and a Traitor Ogryn previously found in Blackstone Fortress: Traitor Command
  • Includes components to build Specialists like Brimstone Grenadier, Butcher, Trench Sweeper, Flenser, Corpseman, Sharpshooter and more

8x Fronteris Scenery Pieces: Recreate the sturdy, mass-produced fortifications of Moroch on your gaming table. This compilation of modular terrain pieces can be configured in many different ways to create a varied kill zone for your TFOs to sneak around in and fight over, and is fully compatible with a wide range of other terrain kits. It contains:

  • 1x landing pad
  • 1x Vox antenna
  • 1x Auspex Shrine
  • 1x STC Hab Bunker
  • 1x palisades with doors
  • 3x palisades

1x Double-Sided Fronteris Game Board: Battle for the war-torn outposts of Moroch on this double-sided 30" x 22" folding card board game board.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

You need a copy of Warhammer 40.000 : Kill Team Core Book to take full advantage of this Supplement.


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