Kill Team Core Book (English)

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Core Rules for Kill Team

The first rules section explains all the basic concepts you need to understand to play Kill Team, including the stages of the game, the tools you need, and your fighters' datasheets.

Kill Zones

Here you will find rules and hints on how terrain features interact with your game, as well as examples of board layout and rules for moving on, over, and through terrain.

Type of Game

Once you've covered the basics, this section lets you discover the three ways to play and the missions that accompany them.

Free game

This open way of playing is particularly beginner-friendly and the ideal way to practice the rules in a relaxed mission environment. However, free play isn't just for new players, as experienced commanders can use the included mission generator to create themed and exciting missions for hardened veterans.

balanced game

As the game's most balanced variant, matched play offers commanders the opportunity to face their opponents in a clash of tactical skills and turn-based decisions. Each Kill Team uses only the basic gear from their datasheets here, so players must plan ahead to outwit their rival and secure victory.

Narrative game special missions

The narrative-driven campaigns of the all-new Special Ops rules allow you to take a Kill Team from fresh recruits to battle-hardened veterans, learning special abilities along the way. As teams complete missions and earn rewards, even against opponents who aren't playing a Special Ops campaign, your decisions affect the future of your fighters, turning ordinary games into exciting narrative experiences filled with cinematic moments.

Mission Pack Critical Operations

A selection of 9 exciting missions designed for Matched Play, but also usable in Freeplay and Special Ops.

covert operations

A number of selectable secondary mission objectives for the different mission types. Your opponent doesn't know which covert operations you've chosen, so commanders can plan their strategy in advance and must closely monitor their opponent's actions on the battlefield.


At the end of the book you will find a useful reference section full of special rules and abilities. You will also find an overview of the various markers and accessories from Kill Team here.


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