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Running the gauntlet of Nachmund - a relatively stable realspace route through the raging warp storms of the Great Rift - is one of the most strategic locations in the Imperium. It would also be a dangerous place without the untold millions of pirates, criminals, heretics, and traitors from dozens of species fighting an unrelenting war for supremacy and wealth. Among these are the Heretic Astartes - treacherous Space Marines in the service of the Chaos Gods - and Corsair Koteria - Aeldari who seek a life of independence and freedom with little concern for others.

This softcover expansion for Kill Team originally appeared in the Kill Team: Nachmund playset and is now available separately. In these 96 pages you'll find the rules and background for the Chaos Space Marines Starwound Corsairs and Legionnaires Kill Teams, stat cards (with blank copy templates), equipment lists, and special ops rules, including rare equipment.

Also included is a background guide to running the gauntlet of Nachmund, full Killzone rules for using terrain from Killzone: Nachmund, and the Shadow Ops Mission Pack Nachmund, which features nine missions for each faction in Kill Team.

A copy of the Kill Team Core Manual is required to take full advantage of this expansion's Content.

  • Sprache: Englisch

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