Khorne Bloodbound Wrathmongers

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Neither fully mortal nor truly demonic, the Wrathmongers of Khorne walk on the brink of reality. These mutant berserkers are imbued with unnatural power and driven by pure rage. Her anger is so fierce it causes her blood to boil, enveloping the Wrathmongers in a foul copper-colored haze.

Muscled and monstrous, the Wrathmongers roar bestial war cries as they charge towards their foes. As they close in on enemy lines, they whirl their wrath flails in deadly arcs until the air howls as they pass. Rage flails crush flesh and bone, crumple armor like dry parchment, and unleash great fountains of blood into the air. Rational enemies would be expected to flee from such an attack. But an aura of dark madness surrounds the Wrathmongers, Khorne's bloody gift that infuses even the most disciplined troops with a mad battle lust.

To become a Wrathmonger, a Bloodbound warrior must undergo the Rite of the Brass Cage. Few know the details of this dark ritual, but the Slaughterpriests claim that should a warrior truly desire to undergo this monstrous transformation, Khorne will guide them to their destiny. Many who embark on this dark quest never return. However, for those who are successful, the transformation is total. Wrathmongers are swollen and misshapen with demonic power. Her blood flows red-hot, every pounding beat of her heart sends demonic rage through her veins. This infernal secretion is so potent that it oozes from the Wrathmonger's pores to envelop them in a crimson veil. Those devoured by these fumes feel their thoughts clouded with violent anger; an effect amplified tenfold should a warrior be spattered with the scorching liquid itself. Ability to tell friend from foe overshadowed by murderous bloodlust, brother falls on brother with screams of murderous rage. Even in their moment of victory, entire armies have been torn apart under the influence of the Wrathmongers' dark curse.

Included are seven different helmetless heads with a variety of mutations, from horns and studded foreheads to a bestial canine face. Each Skullreaper carries a trophy bar on his back, and the champion is distinguished by his two trophy bars.

The Khorne Wrathmongers consist of 97 parts.


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