Khorne Bloodbound Blood Warriors

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Khorne Bloodbound Blood Warriors

With murderous eyes behind the vision slits of their helmets, the Blood Warriors charge through the thick of the fight. Their axes turn red from the spilled blood of their foes, while their enemies' attacks clang off the thick plates of their armor.

Born from the crimson terror of the most violent of battles, Blood Warriors are relentless howling killers whose fury burns so hot it makes the air shimmer. It is only when a mortal has fought long and hard, crushing his enemies so that he is covered in blood from head to toe, that he becomes a blood warrior. The blood god looks down on the blood-covered killer triumphing over the corpses of countless enemies, and is very pleased. So he gives them his gifts and claims them as his own. Such is Khorne's dominion over the Mortal Realms that anyone can fall into this Red Baptism, whether they be devoted worshipers of Khorne, simple tribesmen, or noble and pure-hearted knights. Even those who fought furiously against Khorne's monstrous minions just hours before can suddenly be transformed. Some say that the blood spilled by these chosen ones flows and freezes at that moment, scabbing into the thick, heavy plates of the blood warrior's armor before turning to brass and iron. Others claim that even after their Baptism of Red, a blood warrior's armor will continue to bleed when struck as if it were a living part of their own body.

However, from the moment of his choice, the newly forged blood warrior becomes a staunch servant of Khorne. His vision turns to angry reds and will remain so for the rest of his days. A raging lust for battle grips him, so he can never find a moment of gratification other than slaughtering the enemy in the name of the blood god. In fact, the anger of the Blood Warriors is such that even when mortally wounded, they continue fighting, hacking and slashing for many seconds afterward, until the last spark of life leaves their broken bodies.

A unit of Blood Warriors has 5 or more members. Some Blood Warrior units enter the battlefield with a Goreaxe in each hand, while others prefer to use a single Goreaxe so they can also carry a Gorephist. 1 in 10 may instead be armed with a Goreglaive. The leader of this unit is a Chaos Champion. Anyone in this unit can be an Icon Bearer.

With this set you can build 10 very very nice Bloodbound Warriors, the models are on 32mm bases. The models can be equipped with two Goreaxes or with Goreaxe and Gorefist.


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