Khorne Berzerkers

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Flood the battlefield with Khorne Berzerkers, the fierce foot soldiers of the World Eaters Legion.

This unit of 10 Berzerkers is a powerhouse of close combat, the perfect core for any World Eaters army.

Miniatures are unpainted and must be assembled.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 10 Khorne Berzerkers - superhuman battering rams equipped with rage-inducing Butcher's Nails. Each of these warriors wields a Berzerker chain blade - covering a variety of chain axes and chainswords - as well as a bolt pistol. The kit includes components to equip up to two Berzerkers with massive two-handed eviscerators and two more with plasma pistols, as well as adding a skull Berzerker symbol to your squad. You can also build a Berzerker Champion, which comes with additional head and armour options and can be armed with its own plasma pistol.

In this box, you'll find plenty of interchangeable build options - including power packs, shoulder pads with sculpted designs and 26 unique heads that can be split into crested helmets or bare faces - to ensure no two Berzerkers in your World Eaters warband look quite the same.

This kit consists of 141 plastic parts and comes with 10x Citadel 32mm Round Bases. Also included is a World Eaters Transfer Sheet with 200 transfers featuring Khornate symbols, rune tattoos, eight-pointed stars, skulls and variations of the World Eaters Legion symbol. These miniatures come unpainted and need to be assembled.

Background Khorne Berserkers

Khorne Berserkers are Chaos Space Marines dedicated to glorifying the Chaos God Khorne through brutal melee combat. Driven by their raging desire to spill blood and take life, a Berserker's sole purpose in life is to destroy their enemies in the name of the Blood God and take life in the most brutal and barbaric manner imaginable.

Berserkers refuse to use most types of ranged weapons and use almost exclusively melee weapons, especially the chain axe, as the axe is the preferred weapon of Khorne.

However, the Berserkers of Khorne will use any weapon they can get their hands on, even their own bodies, as long as they can shed blood with it.

The Berserkers of Khorne are rightly feared by their allies and enemies alike. Having sworn their souls to the god of war and murder, the Berserkers feel the need to shed "blood for the blood god" is simply overpowering. If a berserker is denied the opportunity to engage in constant carnage, he goes into an almost uncontrollable rage and turns on any living creature whose life can be extinguished to satisfy his sheer need for carnage.

Khorne Berserkers even slaughter their own allies when their bloodlust has been aroused by the thrill of battle or they have simply run out of enemies. This situation is best known for the most powerful of the Khorne Berserkers, Khârn the Betrayer, a captain in the World Eater Betrayer Legion.

The sheer bloodthirstiness of the Khornate Berserkers has earned them a fearsome reputation, but their uncontrollable urge to slaughter and kill often results in their inability to form a cohesive and mutually supportive military unit. This inability, along with the Berserkers' need to kill primarily with melee weapons, often puts them at a disadvantage against opponents willing to employ basic strategies against the Berserkers' unreasonable ferocity and sheer ferocity.

Berserker warbands have a wide variety of numbers and unit strengths, and will essentially offer their aid to whichever side in battle offers them the greatest chance to kill and slaughter in the name of the Blood God, even if those actions actually aid the Empire or another mortal enemy of Chaos.

Fierce warriors who delight in the bloodiest hand-to-hand combat to offer blood and skulls to Khorne, the Berserkers carry many vicious melee weapons into battle. Many of them wield roaring chain axes with adamantium blades, but the chainsword is also very popular.

The Chaos Champions who lead each Khornate warband can sometimes be seen wielding heavy, baroque weapons studded with diamond-hard teeth that can eat through enemy vehicles and get at the crew inside. Ritual knives and scimitars are often carried into battle, their blades only ever used to separate the head from the neck.

After severing the heads of every enemy soldier within reach, the warriors of Khorne even decapitate their own fallen and sacrifice their skulls to their brazen chaos god before they re-enter the fray. The naked truth is that the brothers of the Blood God care little for how they spill the blood of those around them. As for the berserkers, bare fists or a heavy stone will do for them if nothing else is available.

The Berserkers of Khorne relish their role as the sacred destroyers of the Blood God and are extremely fanatical. Their pleasure in pain and death is so strong that they have been known to attack their comrades in a blind rage and, if no other opponent is present, even fall on their own weapons to sacrifice them to Khorne.

Although the Khornate Berserkers "suffer" from this savage bloodlust, they are still Astartes at heart, and most can draw on the experience of millennia of Terran battle and slaughter to stay alive and overwhelm their enemies. The tactics of the Berserkers are anything but subtle and usually consist of a massive frontal assault combined with flanking manoeuvres by the fastest of them, with Warbands often transported into battle in a Rhino, a Land Raider or on Assault Bikes.


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