Khorne Berzerkers

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Khorne Berzerkers

Khorne Berzerkers are Chaos Space Marines dedicated solely to the glorification of the Chaos God Khorne through close combat. Driven by a thirst for blood, their sole purpose is to kill and destroy their enemies in the name of Khorne. Berserkers dispense with long-range weapons and use almost exclusively melee weapons, especially the chain axe. Chainswords, scimitars, ritual knives, bolt pistols and other brutal melee weapons are also commonly used. However, they have been known to sometimes use almost anything as a weapon and often continue to fight even when they have no offensive weapons other than their own bodies.

The original Berserkers came from the World Eaters Legion under their Primarch Angron. Through a ritualised psychosurgery known as "butcher's nails", he removed any sense of fear or danger and then increased the bloodlust his soldiers experienced in battle. When Angron swore himself to the blood god Khorne, the original Berserkers were no longer bound by imperial dogma and were given full reign to unleash their bloodthirsty abilities. Since then, they have become the ultimate shock troops of Chaos, going into an uncontrollable frenzy during battle. After the Battle of Skalathrax, most of the Berserkers of the World Eaters formed separate warrior bands and many bastardised practices of their psychosurgery spread with them to other forces of the Chaos Space Marines. Not all Berzerkers are the original World Eaters of Angron, but those Chaos Space Marines who wish to dedicate themselves fully to Khorne usually join a World Eaters warband and undergo the Butcher's Nails. Once the procedure is complete, they also feel nothing but a desire to kill, maim and burn.

Khorne Berserkers are rightly feared by friend and foe alike, and in keeping with their desire to please the God of War, Berserkers find the need to spill "blood for the Blood God" overwhelming. They have been known to kill even their own allies if caught in the heat of battle or if they have no alternative opponent, a situation epitomised by Khârn the Betrayer. Their fighting prowess has earned them a fearsome reputation on the battlefield, but also leads to their inability to form a single, cohesive and mutually supportive unit. Berserker bands vary in size and strength, often supporting the side that offers them the greatest chance of battle and slaughter. In particular, Abaddon the Despoiler and his Black Legion deploy large numbers of berserkers. Abaddon goes one step further and has recruited a number of highly skilled Berserker surgeons to his cause, allowing the Black Legion to produce new Berserkers in numbers approaching that of the World Eaters.

The box contains 12 models including options for a Skull Champion, as well as chainswords, bolt pistols and various heads


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