Khodynka Battlefleet Set

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The Khodynka Heavy Skycruiser ''Nebesnaya Gora'' defied the laws of nature as it hung in the sky, a testament to engineering prowess and resilience. Despite ablative armor plates blown off and small fires being extinguished by weary skymen, the heart of the beast, its engine, continued to rumble on with an occasional splutter, masking any hint of trouble.

The Commonwealth fleet found itself ambushed during routine patrols around the Barents Sea by The Scions of Jutland, appearing like shadows in the night. A relentless stream of rockets unleashed upon them would have decimated a lesser vessel. Yet, amidst the chaos, only the crew of the Nebesnaya Gora understood that this night would be a loss for the Scions.

Molten steel, forged from the intense heat of the barrage, rained down from the sky. However, the Khodynka Heavy Skycruiser remained steadfast, having only lost redundant systems and armor designed to sacrifice without compromising structural integrity.

As the battle waged on, both sides sustained further damage, with Scions and Commonwealth crew alike facing the bitter embrace of a freezing tomb. Yet, amidst the carnage, the Nebesnaya Gora persisted—damaged but resolute, defying gravity and the odds to remain airborne, a symbol of strength and endurance amidst the chaos of war.


  • 1x Khodynka Heavy Skycruiser
    • (may also be built as Konostoga or Krasnaya Class)
  • 2x Irkutsk Skycruiser
    • (may also be built as Saransk or Tunguska Class)
  • 2x Giyena Shockwave Hovercraft
    • (may also be built as Yak Class)
  • 4x Escort Hovercraft

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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