Khinerai Lifetakers

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With flapped wings, the Khinerai Lifetakers plummet down at high speed. At the last moment, they spread their leathery wings and snap their descent while swinging their sickle blades at maximum power. Enemies that survive this devastating attack can fight back, but anyone fighting the Khinerai must be on their guard, as they are adept at using their claw-like Heartpiercer shields to parry not just blows but vital organs as well to pierce. Even as enemies gather nearby to pin the Khinerai Lifetakers in battle, the Harpies soar above the melee with a flurry of flapping wings, seeking the most vulnerable target to engage next. For such unfortunates, the last thing they will hear is a sudden gust of wind before the Lifetakers' deadly attack takes its toll.


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