Kharadron Endrinmaster in Dirigible Suit

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Endrinmasters are high-ranking members of the Endrineers Guild responsible for maintaining fleets, and they take great pride in the speed and firepower of the ships under their auspices. They can disassemble and reassemble an Aether-Endrin while hanging headfirst for miles across land, and using a mechanical intuition that other races might refer to as magic, locate a single misalignment amidst thousands of moving cogs. Most Endrin Masters wield an Aetherpower Hammer, a club so heavy it can only be lifted by the power of their charged harness, and many wear a headgear with a built-in energy beam emitter known as the "Eye of God". to cut through metal.

This kit contains 26 plastic components and is supplied with a 50mm round base.


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