Kataphron Breachers

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A Kataphron Battle Servitor is a type of heavy Battle Servitor used by the forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Though possessing a once-human brain like all Servitors, the Kataphron Battle Servitor has been stripped of all emotion and independent thought, and serves as little more than a living weapon controlled by the orders of the Mechanicus' Tech-Priests.

They are much larger and more powerful than the standard Servitors used for various tasks across the Empire of Man.

There are two variants of the Kataphron Battle Servitor, typically deployed depending on the tactical goal of the controlling Tech-Adept - the Kataphron Breacher and the Kataphron Destroyer.

A Tech-Priest Dominus can summon a group of Battle Servitors to protect him in battle. Among the largest and most powerful of these living artillery pieces are the Kataphron Breachers. Kataphron Breachers are Battle Servitors vastly larger and more powerful than those of the rest of the Empire.

Utterly lethal at close range, they aren't so much born as engineered, with every upgrade geared toward maximum lethality. They are easily recognized by their snarling power units, vicious hydraulic pincers and deadly shoulder cannons.

But the most important component of all is within - the soul of a violent man. Many of the fleshy components of Servitors are vat-grown, but it was soon discovered that these artificial organics were unable to properly bond with the Kataphron Breacher's massive machinery. After some experiments, it turned out that the constructs only worked properly when they revolved around the soul of not only a living, but a particularly violent man.

The portion of the Kataphron Breacher that was once human does not display emotion, instead responding automatically to the Tech-Priests' Binharic imperatives. The process of morphing into a Battle Servitor retains some of the combative spirit, however, and the promise of slaughter seems to accelerate the hulking man-machines.

In combat, Kataphron Breachers rumble forward at the command of their Tech-Priest Masters, fulfilling the roles of both living shield and battering ram. Originally designed to blast enemy battle lines and fortifications, they are of great use to those adepts wishing to snatch a valuable artifact from the clutches of would-be usurpers. As they near the front line, enemy volleys thunder around the Breachers to no effect; The thick, overlapping plates that cover the Battle Servitors' flesh parts make them all but invulnerable to small arms fire.

This multi-part plastic kit contains an impressive 157 components with which to make three Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Servitors - either Kataphron Destroyers or Kataphron Breachers. Supplied with three Citadel 60mm Round bases.


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