Kataphron Breachers / Destroyer

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Kataphron Battle Servitors are a type of war servant used by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Completely detached from all emotion and independent thought, these machines are little more than a living weapon controlled by Tech-Priests. They are much larger and more powerful than the Servitors used by the rest of the Empire.

Kataphron Battle Servitors come in two main types:


Kataphron Breachers are used by the Mechanicum as a living shield and battering ram to smash enemy lines. They are deadly in close combat and equipped with a wide range of weapons including heavy arc rifles, torsion cannons, arc claws, hydraulic claws and plasma calibres.

These machines are also equipped with Kataphron Breacherplate, a powerful, cybernetically enhanced, titanium-laced metal and plasti-steel that deflects blades and bullets alike.


Kataphron Destroyers are used by the Mechanicum as heavy weapons platforms to ensure that nothing but molten sludge remains of their enemies. They are equipped with a large amount of heavy weaponry, including grav-cannons, phosphor blasters, plasma culverins and flamethrowers.

For protection, these machines are equipped with Kataphron Demiplate, a lighter armour that allows better cooling of the heavy weapons. Nevertheless, this cybernetically enhanced heavy steel provides a high level of protection.

This multi-part plastic kit contains an impressive 157 parts from which you can build three Battle Servitors, either Kataphron Breachers or Kataphron Destroyers. Three Citadel round bases (60 mm) are included.


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