Kastore Core Box

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Malifaux models are intricately crafted 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures, meticulously molded from high-quality plastic. These miniatures boast exceptional detail and dynamic poses, offering players an immersive gaming experience on the tabletop.

Belonging to the mysterious Neverborn faction, these models are imbued with the Keywords: Returned, evoking the enigmatic and otherworldly nature of their origins. This set includes:

  • Kastore - Awakened: A formidable presence on the battlefield, Kastore embodies the power and resilience of the Returned, wielding arcane energies to devastating effect.

  • Marathine: A cunning and agile hunter, Marathine prowls the shadows with deadly precision, striking fear into the hearts of foes with each stealthy movement.

  • Gwyll: A spectral wraith, Gwyll haunts the battlefield with ethereal grace, her presence a harbinger of doom for those who dare to oppose the Neverborn.

  • Blood Vessels x3: These twisted abominations serve as loyal minions to the Neverborn, their grotesque forms and unholy powers striking terror into the hearts of mortals.

While these miniatures are sure to become valuable assets in your battles, it's important to note that they will require some preparation and assembly before they can take the field. However, the effort invested in assembling these models will be rewarded with stunning detail and dynamic poses, enhancing the overall immersion and excitement of your games of Malifaux.


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