Karazai der Gezeichnete

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Karazai, The Scarred is one of the remaining Draconith princes alongside his brother Krondys. When Kragnos's Draconith Empire was destroyed, he fought and helped defeat the god of earthquakes, after which he launched a bloody war of vengeance against the servants of Kragnos. With the dawn of the Age of Sigmar and the Era of the Beast, he has joined forces with Sigmar to continue his bloody crusade.

Before the Order pantheon came into being, Karazai and his brother Krondys were princes of the Draconite Empire. However, he was overshadowed by his brother, who reigned as Lord of the Draconith Empire, and while famed for his lustrous scales, he found no joy in them. The two princes were scholars interested in lore that eventually led to their learning of the existence of the Slann and how to communicate with them telepathically. When the Kragnos war against the Draconith nearly wiped out their people, the two princes fell into a trance-like state of desperation and sought Lord Kroak's help. A bargain was made; In exchange for the Seraphon's help, the Drake Lords agreed to give their remaining eggs to their voidfaring temple ships.

Karazai joined his brother and the Slann in luring Kragnos to Twinhorn Peak. While the battle initially went in Kragnos' favor, he was soon defeated and sealed in the pinnacle, but not before Kragnos struck Karazai with the giant Dread Mace, snapping the Draconith's horns and leaving a terrible wound. After the battle, a grieved Krondys went into exile, but instead of grieving, Karazai launched a bloody vendetta against the followers of Kragnos through Ghur and then to other realms.

During the Age of Chaos, Karazai expanded his crusade against demons invading the realms to the point where it is said that there was not a single day that his claws were not bloody with greenskin or demon blood. Millennia of war and the rapacious essence of Ghur twisted the once glorious form of the Draconite Prince, causing him to abandon sorcery entirely to violently tear enemies apart.

During the Era of the Beast, Karazai joined Krondys to lead a vast host of Draconith that eclipsed the glow of Mallus, and after weeks of long negotiations mediated by Stardrakes, he swore to the Draconis Pact as he began his own bloody crusade supports.

He thinks his brother is a senile fool who has retired in shame and only fights at his side to outdo him. He also prefers to participate on the eve of battle rather than leading the armies of Azyr, and while he is not rebuffed, many Stardrakes and Dracoths are uncomfortable in his presence. However, many younger draconith have begun to admire him as living proof that not all of their ancestors gave up the fight, eventually earning Karazai the respect he had desired for many millennia.


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