Kami of the Summer Storm

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Amidst the land of Jwar, a time of dread descends with the typhoon season. These startling and destructive weather phenomena unleash their fury, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. Unleashing their wrath upon villages and fleets alike, these tempests can erase entire settlements and ships from existence. With each passing, the storms draw strength from the boundless power of the ocean, only to wane as they venture further inland. Yet, even during their brief encounter with the land, terror and despair reign.

In the heart of this tempestuous realm, a Kami emerges, embodying the very essence of these cataclysmic storms. Similar to the destructive nature of the typhoon, this Kami's stay is fleeting. Animists from the revered Temple of Ro-Kan call upon this entity to impart its wisdom to the unsui, guiding them in the ways of air and nature's fury. But it is not only for guidance that this Kami is sought; its power can be harnessed against attacking enemies as well.

In the midst of battle, this Kami proves to be a boon for Temple players, bestowing them with its formidable abilities. Swift and agile, it maneuvers effortlessly to find the ideal vantage points. With a mere touch, it leaves enemy models stunned, disorienting them and rendering their coordinated attacks and ambushes futile. The unsuspecting foes are scattered like leaves in the wind, caught in complete disarray.

This Kami's presence sets the stage for tactical brilliance, positioning enemies in unfavorable locations. When the enemy attempts to outmaneuver you with Place effects, this Kami thrives, drawing strength from each failed attempt.

With this Kami by your side, Temple players are truly spoiled, for it is a potent force of nature on the battlefield. As it swiftly navigates the terrain, it leaves a trail of disruption in its wake. Every move, every strategic decision, is met with the kami's cunning, leaving your foes bewildered and off-guard.

Embrace the power of the tempest and wield it as your own, for this Kami brings not only destruction but also the means to orchestrate a masterful symphony of surprise and chaos. In the realm of Jwar, where the storms rage and the Kami tread, this entity stands as a testament to the untamed and awe-inspiring forces of nature.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile Card.


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