Kami of Tempered Iron

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The metal element encompasses not only the substance itself, but also the fact that metallurgy and blacksmithing are required to refine metal from simple ores. Metal is also the element of cogs and cogs and represents progress and technology. Because of this, the kami often take forms from finished products of blacksmithing and not amorphous masses of the element, even if they appear to a Ro-Kan monk, the kami will be a finished katana or system of gears.

The Temple has another supportive Kami whose ability to assist in melee combat will certainly come in handy for them, helping to bypass enemy defenses they are struggling with. The Kami is also a good fighter in its own right and at four Ki it can attack a few times before being removed.

This model can be fielded as part of a warband belonging to the following factions:

  • Temple of Ro-Kan
  • Minimoto Clan*

Note: In order to use these models in a Minimoto Warband, you must add a Blacksmith model that can take them.

The blister contains two miniatures that come with two 30mm bases and a colored profile Card.


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