Kabalite Warriors

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A Cabal Warrior is the basic infantry unit of the Drukhari Cabal and forms the main component of Cabal forces in realspace raids.

Wielding a wide array of exotic and fiendish weaponry, these martially gifted Drukhari are fierce warriors, tall and athletically built, and of more powerful stature than the average city-bound Commorragh citizen.

The warriors of the Drukhari cabal are at the center of every Drukhari force, pirate fleet and slave attack. They are the cruellest members of their caste, hungry for power over their fellow humans and thirsty to taste the suffering of others.

Each warrior has earned a fearsome reputation in the war-torn halls of High Commorragh, proving themselves in multiple battles as ruthless combatants. The more vicious and ruthless a warrior is, the better his chances of advancement within the cabal.

Only a born killer can thrive in the insidious halls of the Dark City and only a chosen few of true skill and utter ferocity are chosen by the cabal leadership to enjoy the thrill and privilege of assaulting the worlds of real space and returning with living souls. the screaming prey every cabal needs to survive.

Only the best weapons among the Drukhari from each of the Dark City's sectors are selected to serve as Kabbalistic warriors. Male or female, Drukhari Kabalite Warriors are tall, thin and athletically built, stronger in body and more violent in temper than their brethren who remain behind in the Webway.


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