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2x Kaplan (Combi Rifle)
1x Kaplan (MULTI sniper rifle)
1x Kaplan (Glue Launcher)

"Tüm kurtlar Kaplandan korkar" (Turkish: All wolves fear the tiger). Motto of Kaplan Tactical Services.

Kaplan Tactical Services (KTS) is a military and private security company, a subsidiary of Beyhan Resources Sti., a private engineering and construction company owned by Hikmet Bey, one of the major Silk tycoons.

KTS was established with the aim of defending the many facilities and employees of Beyhan Resources Sti. Umbrella in the tumultuous days of the Silk Revolt. At that time, the Sultanate, overwhelmed by the attacks of insurgent tycoons, was unable to guarantee the protection of any transorbital facility. Hikmet Bey therefore personally entrusted former military colonel Çelik Ozalan with the creation of an elite unit to ensure the continuity of operations of Beyhan Resources Sti. The success of KTS was so evident that by the end of the Silk Revolts it was able to increase its size and operational capability to offer its services to third parties.

In the years since the Silk Revolts and thanks to Hikmet Bey's contacts, KTS has secured several security contracts with the Sultanate of Funduq, including protection, defense and support operations. It has also received offensive orders, notably during the Ariadnan trade conflicts and the Paradiso offensive. The Kaplan are particularly distinguished by experienced combat engineers who have specialized in sabotage and counter-sabotage techniques.

The success of Kaplan Tactical Services is largely due to the character bestowed by its bold and efficient founder, former Colonel Ozalan. This veteran soldier gifted the KTS with a self-sacrificing fighting spirit, fueled by the humanistic ideals of Haqq-Islamic culture. The chaplain mercenary, a Turkish word for 'tiger', is always expected to be brave, intelligent and uncompromising in his mission. The strict Kaplan code of conduct gives them an aura of "honorable mercenaries" that clearly distinguishes them from other soldiers of fortune.


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