Journeyman Miniatures - Shinobi 1:6

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The "Shinobi" bust is a true masterpiece of miniature art. With remarkable precision and attention to detail, this bust was created to capture the essence of the honorable shinobi warrior.
Crafted from high-quality material such as the finest resin, this bust embodies the elegance, strength and mysterious aura of a shinobi. Every carefully crafted facet of the bust, from the detailed facial features to the authentic details of the equipment, has been meticulously executed to create an unparalleled masterpiece.

The "Shinobi" bust is not just a miniature, but a symbol of the discipline, skill and artistry of the shinobi way. It attracts attention and captivates viewers with its determined look and powerful aura. This bust brings the character of the shinobi to life and immerses you in a world of stealth, tactics and mystery.

Whether you're an avid collector looking to add a unique piece to your collection or an admirer of the fascinating art of miniatures, the "Shinobi" bust from Journeyman Miniatures will undoubtedly capture your heart. Place this bust in a place of honor, whether in your home, office, or any room filled with its presence, and be inspired by its charisma and fascinating story.

The "Shinobi" bust from Journeyman Miniatures is a truly stunning masterpiece of miniature art. Immerse yourself in the world of the legendary shinobi and let your imagination glide into the shadowy realm of ninjutsu. This bust will not only enrich your collection, but also spark your admiration for the art of miniatures.

This product comes unassembled and unpainted. It is not a toy.

Height 193 mm when mounted.

  • Painted by: Mally Anderson
  • Illustration: Dylan Kowalski
  • Sculpture: Dylan Kowalski
  • Brand: Journeyman Miniatures


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