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"In Journey: Wrath of Demons," a cooperative miniatures board game inspired by a classic Chinese novel, four Pilgrims unite in a quest to explore ancient China and retrieve the Sutras—sacred scriptures that hold the key to salvation in a world plagued by Demons. Along the way, they engage in battles against various Bull Demon minions, leading up to an epic showdown with the formidable Bull Demon King. The game employs a combination of game cards and custom dice to deliver fast-paced, tension-filled action, where critical choices play a pivotal role in enhancing the Pilgrims' skills.

"Journey" is tailored for 1 to 4 players, with each player assuming the role of one of the four Pilgrims: Tripitaka, Monkey, Monk Sha, or Cho Hakkai. The game's artificial intelligence manages the Demons and other creatures encountered. Diverse playing styles are encouraged, but cooperation is essential, as victory and defeat are shared by the entire team. The duration of each game varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours, contingent on the chosen quest and playstyle.

The core game package includes approximately 10 quests, each featuring distinct objectives and unique rules. Players face a crucial decision: Do they adopt a ruthless approach, vanquishing all Demons that cross the Pilgrims' path? Alternatively, they can choose a more virtuous path, purifying the Demons' souls, aiding villagers, and amassing good karma. These choices significantly impact the Pilgrims' abilities, skills, and equipment. While dispatching Demons may yield quick results, players must weigh the risks of accumulating negative karma. Side quests present opportunities to enhance the Pilgrims' skills and karma, but with the increased spawning of Demons, players must consider whether they can afford to invest their time.

Solo play closely mirrors multiplayer games. Instead of multiple players controlling 1 or 2 Pilgrims each, a single player takes charge of all four Pilgrims, maintaining the core dynamics of the game.


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