Joe Fish

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Meet Joe Fish, a man whose very existence embodies the virtues and values of the coastal town of Innsmouth. Concealedness, meekness, and unwavering dedication to the will of the king from the depths—these are the qualities that define him.

At first glance, Joe appears to be the epitome of honesty and kindness, a pillar of the community whose reputation precedes him. But beneath his genial facade lies a darkness that few dare to acknowledge—a darkness born of his total devotion to the great old ones that dwell beneath the waves.

For Joe, kindness takes on a sinister meaning, as he offers up the bloodiest sacrifices to appease the ancient beings that lurk in the depths. With each whispered incantation and each ritualistic offering, he ensures the continued prosperity of Innsmouth and the favor of its aquatic overlords.

Yet, despite the darkness that surrounds him, there is a certain sense of integrity to Joe Fish, a steadfastness that belies his sinister deeds. He is a man of his word, a servant of the great old ones whose loyalty knows no bounds.

So beware, dear reader, and tread carefully in the presence of Joe Fish—for beneath his meek exterior lies a darkness that threatens to consume all who dare to defy the will of the king from the depths.

  • 1 Joe Fish model in 32mm scale, cast in metal.
  • 1 plastic base included.

Unpainted and unassembled.


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