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"Jinja" is a vibrant worker placement game that immerses players in the art of constructing shrines across the picturesque landscape of Japan. Your journey unfolds as you strategically position workers at pivotal locations throughout Japan, offering you access to a diverse array of thirteen distinct actions or the opportunity to embark on construction endeavors within seven unique territories. Achieving the pinnacle of honor in "Jinja" demands meticulous planning, well-timed construction efforts, and a dash of good fortune.

This enchanting game boasts a visually captivating design, featuring evocative illustrations and top-notch components that elevate the gaming experience. Custom plastic miniatures grace the tabletop, representing the sacred shrines you'll craft, while meticulously painted meeples symbolize your diligent workers. Screenprinted score trackers and a bespoke multi-colored Mask die further enrich the gameplay.

The game board itself serves as an illustrated map of Japan, artfully divided into territories, each offering a limited number of temple sites ripe for transformation. Over the course of five seasons, players strategically allocate their workers to engage in one of the thirteen available actions or to stake their claim in one of the seven distinct territories, each with its own unique goals. The construction of a shrine not only earns you honor but also grants you access to special abilities, adding depth and strategy to your journey.

To enhance replayability, "Jinja" introduces variable goals and events. Omikuji, or "fortunes," remain shrouded in secrecy until revealed, offering bonus points if your shrines are strategically situated in key locations. Kitsune cards, chosen at random for each game, introduce a delightful element of chance, providing different discounts, bonuses, and abilities that evolve with the changing seasons.

Throughout your adventure, you'll have the opportunity to exchange deed cards for coveted territory, leaving certain aspects to fate by rolling the Mask die to unlock bonuses, and revisiting your territories to fortify your resource reserves. As the game draws to a close, players vie for bonuses by achieving the highest shrine count in each region, adding a final layer of strategy to your quest for honor and victory.

In "Jinja," you'll find yourself immersed in a rich tapestry of strategy, chance, and skill, as you navigate the path to constructing sacred shrines, all against the stunning backdrop of Japan's diverse and captivating landscapes.


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